The R700 Android Tablet

Normally when news of a new tablet hits the web the first thing people talk about is its specs and operating system, well this time it is different.

Archos, a company that has released several Android and Windows powered tablets are yet to make it big in the tablet market with one of its devices, but the company is making news with the announcement of a new tablet.

The new Arnova 7 tablet comes in at a mere $99 or R700 and the company hopes that this will put them on the map. One can’t expect much from a R700 tablet, but in places like Africa where users can only afford feature phones, this R700 tablet from Archos could be a huge hit.

Spec wise the tablet is not much to brag about, featuring a 7″ 800×400 screen, 4GB of internal storage and capable of 720p video playback running on Android Froyo 2.2 and WiFi. There are also no word yet on the specs of the CPU or how much RAM the Arnova 7 tablet has, but one thing is for sure – it has no cameras, like one would expect for that price. Disappointedly the Arnova 7 also have no access to the Android Market, but rather a custom market place called the AppsLib app store.

How disappointed one may be with the specs of the device, you can not deny the price. The price tag of $99 for the Arnova 7 makes it really appealing to 3rd word countries, such as Kenya where a $99 Android smartphone was recently introduced and proven to be a huge hit. The new tablet from Archos could just be the device that 3rd world countries need to introduce tablets into their markets.

No word yet on when the Archos 7 will start shipping and what countries will get the device first, but I think Archos would be foolish not to introduce this tablet to the African markets.

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