Ster Kinekor Sells Out To Smokoo!

So there I was heading over to Ster Kinekor site to check out what was showing to be greeted with what at first glanced looked like a hacked site.

Seems that Ster Kinekor is selling out heavily to South African auction site Smokoo, plastering a bright green ad all over the site dominating the Ster Kinekor site itself. Have a look at the screen shot below.

What I don’t get is why a business like Ster Kinekor would resort to advertisements on their site of this scale, over empowering what their site should be used for eg. looking up movie show dates and information, and booking tickets.

What do you think? Is Ster Kinekor perhaps so much cash strapped that they would resort to ugly advertisements like this smokoo one dominating their whole site for an extra buck?

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