Chaos Computers Tech Paradise Competition

Okay so I am not a hardcore gamer, I tend to think of myself as a more casual gamer, but when it comes to having a full weekend with all your best mates in one room jamming away at a First Person Shooter, or racing for pole position or just pretending you are the hottest band on earth with Guitar Hero, then things do tend to get more serious.

I remember when we where still studying we used to every now and then on a Friday just decide this will be a gaming weekend, then we get as much gamers as we can in the hostel and cram them into one tiny room for a weekend full of beer and gaming. Things do get quite interesting when you start to play drinking games in conjuction with the normal gaming, giving the rookies some form of advantage.

Well the folks over at Chaos Computers, I guess most of you know who they are, have put together a great competition for gamers. How does 5 days of gaming sound with 4 of your best mates? Awesome doesn’t it? Well they are doing just that, giving you and 4 of your mates the change to win a 5 day gaming marathon at their cost.

If that does not sound awesome enough, they will be shipping you of to a nice villa in Camps Bay for this 5 days of gaming madness and give you a supply of unlimited junk food, Red Bull, Games and even throw in some gadgets to surround you with during your stay.

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