CELL2CELL: Beware of that cheap cellphone deals

So this is my story, I go to MTN the other day to take out a Cellphone contract for my wife on what we believed was a prepaid number, seeing as we bought the simcard more than 5 years ago and has since been using it to make calls and top up just like you would do with a normal pre-paid sim, just to find out that we cant take out a contract as the number belongs to a company called CELL2CELL.

So I then I remembered that my mother in-law took out a recurring monthly airtime contract on that number a few years back that tops up the number with R50 airtime every month, now this was almost 4 years ago and nobody notified us that the number would become the property of CELL2CELL. Today I tried to port the number to MTN from CELL2CELL and was simply told the number does not belong to me and I can’t get it back.

After numerous phone calls I got hold of CELL2CELL and soon as I mentioned porting the lady quickly, without hesitating, referred me to a very arrogant manager called Mark, clearly sounding like they are used to dealing with extorting clients on a daily basis out of their cellphone numbers. It seems that CELL2CELL automatically took ownership of the number without my wife’s consent and then continued to automatically renew the 2 year subscription without even contacting her or my mother in-law.

Surely this must be unlawful in some way? I know the new consumer protection act would avoid this from happening, but there has to be a way to get back the number.

I have searched the web and have come across a number of similar complaints regarding CELL2CELL not wanting to release cellphone numbers of clients.

Now my question is how can CELL2CELL take ownership of my wife’s number without her consent? And how can they automatically renew a contract on her number when she has clearly not given them any permission to do so?

And its not just CELL2CELL I hold responsible here, its also MTN who provides services to crooks like CELL2CELL, and the stores that provide cellphone services through CELL2CELL.

Next time you see a great offer in a store stay as far away as possible, not even when someone calls you claiming to be MTN, Vodacom, or Cell C, rather go to their stores and deal directly with them.

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