Apple TV in South Africa

If you are an Apple fanatic then you have by now heard of the Apple TV, if you are not, well the Apple TV is essentially Apple’s answer to the media player in you living room.

The Apple TV is a small device you hook up to your HD (High Definition) television through an HDMI cable and then allow you to access media such as Movies, Music and Podcast through WiFi on you iTunes enabled PC’s and even allows you to use AirPlay, Apple’s proprietary feature that allows you to stream content from your Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad wireless with the single touch of a screen.

Misplaced or lost your Apple TV remove, or are just too lazy to stand up to go get it, no worries. Apple allows you to control the Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad. If you are too lazy to pick up the remote to control the Apple TV, simply get out your iPhone or iPad and then control the Apple TV straight from that, browsing through photos or starting and stopping videos.

But the Apple TV is so much more than just a wireless media player to stream you movies and music from your computer, it also give you access to YouTube content and you can even play your HD podcast videos on your TV. In addition to that you also get access to TV series and Movie rentals through the use of a US iTunes Account, where you can watch the latest TV series the day it gets released for a mere $0.99 or get access to the latest Movies the day they get released on DVD for only $3.99 per movie, all of this in glorious HD right here in South Africa.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV is not officially available in South Africa, but luckily my favourite iTunes Gift Card provider has just informed me that are now also selling the Apple TV with free courier shipping on their site.

The Apple TV is going for about $199 when you import it through them, much cheaper than is asking for the device, and also offering better value when compared to other media devices such as the XTreamer which sells at the same price here in South Africa and has no WiFi.

You can get the Apple TV at the following South African outlets:
WildTwig (Recommended)

Alternatively if you know about someone that lives in the states and will be heading to South Africa soon, you can always ask them to pick you one up for $99 at an Apple Store and bring it back for you.

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