Apple Stores To Offer Free WiFi For Mac OS X Lion Upgrade

A few weeks back Apple announced at their annual WWDC that the new Mac Operating System, Max OS X Lion, would only be available in digital form from their Mac Store.

Like iOS upgrades the Max OS X Lion upgrade also comes in at a hefty size, a 4GB download infact, the problem with this is not everybody has high speed internet or caps that high, even in the United States.

Apple has however seen this as a problem and are offering consumers free WiFi access at iStores to upgrade their Max OS to Mac OS X Lion. No word yet on whether South Africans will also be able to upgrade their Max OS for free at local iStore’s, I have also reached out to Digicape but have not received any word yet on whether they will give customers free WiFi access for the upgrade.

I am glad to see that Apple are actually passing the savings on to their consumers this way, as they are saving on packaging by distributing Mac OS X Lion digitally. I do however not see customers unplugging their iMac’s and Mac Pro’s and taking it to stores to upgrade, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users would be the ones that would benefit from this.

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